Thursday 18 November 2021

Red & Alex at Land Rover Owner (LRO)

The Land Rover Owner (LRO) show must be one of the biggest of its type in the calendar. Unfortunately it did not run the last year due to the unmentionable and there were doubts that there would be as many feet on the ground this year because of the entry requirements of proving your status of the unsaid matter. Although there perhaps a few less traders this event seemed to be just as thriving as previous years.

Red was my vehicle of choice this year and proud to be on the Peterborough Land Rover Club (PLRC) stand. Usually we get a pitch tucked out of the way, which is great in many ways but a change of plan from the organisers meant we had a very prominent position right in the heart of the show and one of the first stands that foot traffic encounters. This meant we had more space for Land Rover, could spread out nicely and had more people looking at our Landies. The unfortunate side meant that from 11am each day through to the closing of the show we had 'Roll up, roll up, rocking n riding slipping n sliding' on very loud speaker for hour upon hour on repeat from the Wall of Death attraction a few metres away. We made light of it in the end although a few club members had disturbed looks on their faces occasionally.

Friday is setup day - deciding what Land Rovers go where and setting up camp - a time to say 'hi' to other club members, have a sneaky preview of the show and settle in to the evening with a drink or five. Being the extreme party goers we are (ahem) and being a Friday I brought some party lights along so Red could get into the spirit.

Our stand was a great mix of Land Rovers from Series to through to late Defenders and attracted a fair bit of attention. I never get bored of people asking questions about Red however often they get asked. The common ones are: Did you really travel to those places or are they just stickers? What do you do about fuel? What happens if you break down? Is it uncomfortable? How long did it take you?

Saturday and Sunday was spent by hours sifting through parts which to many would look like the contents of a scrap yard. Not that I actually needed anything as such but you never know what gems you might come across. Some electrical cable conduit was purchased and I fitted them to tidy up the engine bay a little. There were plenty of traders and I enjoyed watching the events put on in the Arena such as the extreme off roaders. Unexpectedly the PLRC were invited to the main Arena for the finale of the show - it was a fun experience driving round Red round the Arena on parade, to then settle for a photoshoot line-up before home. As many drivers were, I was pulled over to have a quick chat over the Microphone which was a little nervy! Very much looking forward to next year.

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